Pizza Vespa Debrecen, egy szelet Itália pizza debrecen

Ordering hours

Every day 10:30-22:30

  • In the Vital+ program you can ask your pizza using fiber-rich whole-wheat dough with reduced-fat mozzarella cheese.
    Price: Ø24 100 Ft | Ø32 200 Ft | Ø55 400 Ft
  • Thick dough
    Price: Ø24 50 Ft | Ø32 100 Ft | Ø55 200 Ft
  • On request we will bake your 32 cm pizzas in calzone (filled) version at +200Huf.
  • Our pizzas made by original excellent raw material, without compromises.
  • Our tomato sauce made by peeled and real tomato, spiced and made on the spot.
  • You can try our food made among others by real mozzarella and parmezan, fresh rocket, original Parma ham, gorgonzola, smoked salmon, fresh basil and dried tomatoes, discovering the real taste of Italy.
  • ​Alcoholic drinks cannot be ordered under age of 18.
  • Free home delivery available every day between 10:30 and 23.30.
  • ​The order should reach minimum 1.250 HUF within Debrecen.
  • In case of delivery outside Debrecen 500 HUF delivery charge will be applied.
  • Payment methods: cash, meal vouchers 
  • Our prices include VAT, cost of packaging and delivery.
  • If you have any comment or complaint, please send an email to!